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Get Highly Targeted Traffic In The Internet Marketing Niche From Someone With Actual Buyers On Their List!

"I have TENS of THOUSANDS of sales as an affiliate, and as a vendor."  ~Ken Reno

Ken Reno

From the desk of Ken Reno.

Hutchinson, Kansas.


The MAIN Solo Ad Problem Is...


The PROBLEM with most solo ad sellers today, is that's ALL THEY SELL - solo ads!



They have no customer base.



Their lists are composed of freebie seekers, useless traffic, subscribers that are beat to death day after day with their solos, bots and fake clicks.






If you've ever bought a solo ad that didn't perform well, this is most likely why.



My solo ads are different.



I have REAL buyers on our lists from hundreds of products I've sold over the years. 



I send YOUR SWIPE EMAIL to my lists, including my BUYERS, my loyal readers...people like YOU.



So those who click your link are ALREADY interested in your free offer BEFORE they click, because they JUST read your email!



In addition, I don't 'turn off the clicks' and direct them elsewhere when your total number of clicks has been reached. That's just wrong, and I refuse to do it to you or the next client.



Now, compare that to the 'Other Guys'...



The 'solo ad seller' who sells no products in the internet marketing niche, has few to zero actual customers on his list, that has to trick his readers with fake subject lines and vague call to actions in order to get them to click on your link.



The prospect has NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what they're about to see, only that it's 'free', so they click the link, and at that point your ad dollars are GONE, and they probably weren't even interested anyway.



To top that off, when you get somewhere around 10% more clicks than you ordered, these sellers TURN OFF your clicks, and start redirecting them to the next solo ad buyer - just like they did to YOUR 'solo ad' link when you ordered!



Again, users have no idea where they're being directed to, or if they're even interested in what you have to offer, but by the time they see your page, your ad dollars are ALREADY GONE!



*This ASSumes that the solo ad seller even has a list! Some guys go buy cheap/worthless clicks with your money and pocket the difference, never even having a list of their own. It's crazy out there gang!



THAT'S a HUGE difference compared to what I'm offering with REAL BUYERS on my lists, don't you agree?

Everyone Can Take Advantage Of This!

  • Build Your List: Send Your FREE or PAID Offer!
    (No affiliate offers please)

  • Use An Upsell: Monetize Instantly By Offering An Upgrade
  • 7-14 Day Delivery: All Clicks Delivered In 7-14 Days Depending On Your Ordering Option

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